Top-Quality Commercial Boxing Bags


Need boxing bags for a home or commercial gym?

Argyle Furniture is now supplying top-quality, locally-made boxing kick bags.

Perfect for boxing, Muay Thai, punch and kick training, these double-stitched bags
previously only available to commercial gyms and are now available to the public as

What’s On Offer

All our boxing bags are double-stitched, commercial quality and foam-lined.

  • Reinforced 680 GSM water resistant Ripstop Vinyl bottom panel
  • Commercial-grade thread stitching
  • Hanging Reinforce Commercial seat belt straps forged from marine-grade 316 Stainless D shackles


multi colour bags (1)


Sizing Options

Small: 1000 x 370mm Diameter x 32kg = $230 with filling (without filling $170)

Medium: 1200 x 370mm Diameter x 37kg = $260 with filling (without filling $190)

Large: 1500 x 370mm Diameter x 48kg = $299 with filling (without filling $199)

Full-body contact height: 1800 x 370mm Diameter x 52kg = $330 with filling (without
filling $250).

Heavy-weight, minimal swing: 1500 x 450mm Diameter x 75kg $380 with filling
(without filling $250)

Custom Options

The Point Bag
1500 x 500mm x 350mm Diameter of Leg x 45kg = $290

Tear Drop / Kneeing Bag
900 x 500mm x 40-42kg = $260 with filling (without filling $180)

The Pin/Shape Man
1250 x 500mm x 45-50kg = $290

Extra Large, Extra Heavy
1900x 580m x 140kg = $560 with filling (without filling $290)

Reach out to find out how you can get your hands on one today! Argyle Furniture is
offering cash, bank transfer and EFTPOS payment methods.

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